GOP Only Has 222 House Seats – What’s Happening Now Is Very Important!

( – Last November, Republicans just barely seized control of the House. With 222 seats, the GOP has a razor thin majority. This makes party unity imperative if Republicans want to rack up some legislative wins.

For these reasons, it is incumbent on Republicans to get behind issues that they can all support. As it turns out, the southern border isn’t one of those issues.

Republicans are, by no means, ideologically unified on the border. The bill in question is the Border Safety and Security Act. This legislation, if enacted, would allow border control enforcement to turn away migrants at the border. Many Republicans have called on DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas to resign for preventing Homeland Security from doing just that. Andy Biggs, most notably, has announced articles of impeachment against Mayorkas on two separate occasions. 

The bill, which would seek to reduce unlawful entry into the country, has been outright disavowed by certain moderate Republicans in the House. Representative Tony Gonzales (R-TX), for example, has said that he will definitely not support the bill, calling it “anti-immigrant legislation.” As far as Gonzalez is concerned, the bill is “dead on arrival.” 

The latter is undoubtedly true being that the Senate is under Democratic control. Most Republican led legislation, therefore, will be squashed in the Senate.

As for the claim that the bill is “anti-immigrant”, other Republicans take issue with that language. Chip Roy (R-TX), who has been a vocal proponent of tough immigration reform, stated that “this legislation does one thing: enforce current law to say that we have to detain for the entirety of the adjudication of a claim, an asylum claim.” 

Roy went on to accuse Gonzales of not reading the bill. Gonzales, though, doesn’t seem to be budging on his refusal to support the legislation saying “I’ll absolutely push back.” 

With just about no wiggle room for dissent, House Republicans must get moderates on board if the legislation is to pass the House.

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