He Hit CLOSE To Home – Biden Gets SNAPPY

(DailyVantage.com) – President Joe Biden snapped at a reporter who asked about his alleged involvement with his son’s business dealings, as he denied being directly involved with Hunter Biden’s attempts to extort money from business associates. The allegations stem from WhatsApp communications between Hunter Biden and Chinese businessman Henry Zhao, which seem to show that Hunter Biden tried to use his father’s status as Vice President for his own financial gain.

The communications were revealed in whistleblower testimony from an IRS supervisory agent, Gary Shapley, who claims that the IRS case against Hunter Biden was repeatedly hindered by members of the Justice Department. Biden has repeatedly denied his son did anything wrong and has remained adamant that he was not involved with his son’s business dealings, despite evidence to the contrary. Biden snapped when questioned about the controversy, shouting that he was “not involved” at a reporter repeatedly.

In the communications between Hunter Biden and Henry Zhao, Hunter Biden can be seen at one point noting how he was sitting directly next to Joe Biden, an apparent implied threat. Hunter Biden then questions Zhao about why certain pledges weren’t satisfied and he threaten that he’d make sure powerful people like Joe Biden “hold a grudge” regarding the matter. The controversial communications between Hunter Biden and Zhao are the latest development in an ongoing scandal involving the Biden family, in which they’re accused of using their status in a foreign bribery scheme. While legal action still seems unlikely, there could be further action from the IRS, according to Gary Shapley.

Shapley has also stated that attempts by the IRS to further investigate Hunter Biden and his family were hindered, specifically naming current Attorney General Merrick Garland as being involved. Shapley’s testimony is the latest scandal that has rocked the Biden family, and could even open up opportunities for more legal action against them. Regardless, it seems as though Joe Biden’s re-election campaign will have to definitively prove Biden’s innocence if he hopes to retain his office for four more years.

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