Homeowner Shoots, Kills One Intruder and Wounds Another in Ambush

(DailyVantage.com) – A Philadelphia woman took exception to an attempt to break into her home, shooting two of the three suspects, sending one to the morgue and another to the hospital.

Police say that the breaking and entering incident occurred on the 6200 block of Chestnut Street, on the first floor of one of the row houses. The woman told police that she was returning home at around 2 am with her boyfriend, and just before entering her home, three men tried to grab her.

After a struggle, the woman was reportedly able to get a hold of a firearm she had on her person and fired at her assailants. She shot and killed one while wounding another. The first suspect, a 32-year-old male, was declared dead on the scene when first responders arrived, sustaining several gunshots, including one to the head. The second man, a 31-year-old, was arrested after he sought treatment for his injuries at Mercy Hospital.

As of press time, law enforcement had no information on the whereabouts of the third suspect, who is currently at large.

The intended victims said that the men attempted to pose as police officers. They described one of the suspects to be wearing a badge attached to a chain around his neck.

One of the woman’s neighbors said that she had moved into the neighborhood with her family around a year ago, was quiet, and had no issues with anyone in the community.

“She don’t bother nobody,” the neighbor, Aaron Allen, told a local news outlet. He also said that his neighbor was right to own and bring along a firearm.

“She probably was trying to defend herself and I don’t blame her,” Allen added.

Police also said that the woman has been fully cooperative with the investigation into the attempted break-in.

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