Hospital Reports Amputations for Frostbitten Fans Post Record-Cold Super Bowl

( – Following a playoff match between the Miami Dolphins and the Kansas City Chiefs, a Kansas City hospital reported a record number of amputations for patients, including some who attended the cold football game.

Some of the game’s attendants went to the game without shirts or other articles of clothing, ultimately resulting in frostbite. The Research Medical Center released a report about the shockingly high amputation record and issued a warning about the dangers of frostbite for sporting event attendants.

The medical facility had to amputate body parts from 12 different people during the winter storm, which unfolded the week of the game, with multiple patients receiving their injuries from frostbite they developed during the football match. Luckily, most of the performed amputations only resulted in patients losing various toes or fingers affected by frostbite. Although the hospital released a preliminary report about the sharp increase in amputations, medical experts believe other similar procedures could become necessary depending on current patients’ health developments.

The medical facility wasn’t the only treatment provider that saw an increase in frostbite victims following the playoff game, as the hospital on the University of Kansas campus also reported an increase in frostbite victims. Despite the widespread frostbite patients, only the Research Medical Center had to perform any amputations. The uptick in frostbite has yet to be addressed by the Kansas City Chiefs, but the NFL officials overseeing the game attempted to combat the cold through various methods.

People attending the match received permission to bring various items, including blankets or cardboard, to serve as a medium between players and concrete. Game officials also cautioned attendants about the dangerous temperature, as the temperature dropped below zero and the windchill was below negative 20 degrees. The game marks one of the coldest matches in NFL history and is the coldest game involving either the Miami Dolphins or the Kansas City Chiefs.

The coldest game in NFL history remains the 1967 Ice Bowl, which saw the Dallas Cowboys face the Green Bay Packers in temperatures as low as negative 14 degrees. According to the NIH, people attending cold sporting events could develop frostbite if temperatures drop below negative five degrees. The NIH also revealed that the body parts likely to develop frostbite are fingers, toes, ears, and parts of the face.

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