Mike Pence DOCUMENT Update – Nobody Expected This!

(DailyVantage.com) – In what seems like a never ending search for classified documents, former Vice President Mike Pence’s Indianapolis think tank, Advancing American Freedom Inc, was investigated by the Justice Department on Friday.

The search yielded no new findings of documents with classified markings. Pence advisor Devon O’Malley told Fox News Digital that “one binder with approximately three previously redacted documents was taken.” O’Malley has stated that the Vice President has been open and cooperative with Justice Department officials throughout the investigation.

Pence’s Indiana residence was just searched a little over a week ago. The Justice Department recovered one document with classified markings. Pence and his team, after discovering some potentially classified documents at his home in January, agreed to the search and promised his full cooperation.

Pence, who has been rumored to be eyeing a 2024 presidential bid, seems to be making every effort to come off as fully transparent. 

Former President Donald Trump, who Pence would be challenging if he chooses to run, was not nearly as cooperative when his Mar-a-Lago residence was searched by FBI agents. A search warrant was issued by the FBI against the former president after he failed to cooperate with the National Archives and Records Administration. 

The search, sometimes referred to as a raid, drew global attention as it was totally unprecedented for a former U.S. president to have his home rummaged through by FBI agents. Trump took to his social media platform, Truth Social, to express his outrage saying “…this unannounced raid on my home was not necessary or appropriate.” 

Trump and Pence, however, were not the only ones found to be in possession of classified documents. President Joe Biden, when searched by his own Department of Justice, was found to be hoarding classified materials in three locations: his Delaware residence, his garage next to his corvette, and his Penn Biden Center think tank in Washington D.C. 

As of now, Pence has been in possession of the least amount of classified documents. 

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