Racial Request Made – Governor Suddenly Goes Quiet!

(DailyVantage.com) – California Governor Gavin Newsom recently made the national headlines by declining to endorse reparation cash payments that could reach up to 1.2 million dollars, which was recommended by his own reparations tax force.

Newsom claims that the idea of reparations is about more than just cash payments, but it seems likely that Newsom is hesitant to accept such a financial burden that would undoubtedly affect the entire state of California. Reparations has been a constant talking point of the Democratic Party, and Newsom in particular, making his refusal to endorse actual payments even more surprising. This marks the latest appearance of Governor Newsom in national headlines, just days after his last appearance.

Newsom made headlines recently when he criticized Texas Governor Greg Abbott. Newsom criticized the Texas Governor in relation to a shooting that occurred on May 6th in Allen, Texas. Newsom often goes online in various platforms like Twitter each time there is a notable mass shooting to push his gun-control ideology, usually on the same day as the shootings themselves. While many citizens feel as though Newsom’s frustration is genuine and justifiable, the Californian Governor is also usually faced with criticism that he’s using tragedies to push his own agenda.

Notably, Newsom is reluctant to address the growing violent crime in his own state, which has caused many Californians to relocate to other states in recent years. Newsom also refuses to address his own shortcomings in terms of policies, which have caused California more harm than benefit.

One such policy is that of Newsom’s delta tunnel project, which would cost California sixteen billion dollars. The project is now facing criticism from advocacy groups that want it to be abandoned, due to its high cost.

Newsom has yet to comment on this advocacy group demanding the project be abandoned, instead he seems adamant to focus on other states and criticize their policies instead

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