The DNC Has A Plan To Defeat Biden’s 2024 Challenger!

( – On Saturday, March 4th, author and eccentric spiritual guru, Marianne Williamson is widely expected to announce a run for president. Williamson would be the first Democrat to declare her candidacy thus far. She would likely face Joe Biden in 2024, though Biden is yet to say whether he will seek a second term or not.

In anticipation of Williamson’s campaign announcement, though, Democrats have been largely silent. The White House and the DNC have shrugged off her candidacy as a fool’s errand. 

Matt Bennett, co-founder of the centrist Third Way think tank, told The Hill “I hope and expect they will completely ignore it. She is not a credible candidate in any respect.”

The White House and the DNC have yet to comment on Williamson’s probable primary challenge. 

Williamson, who ran for president as a Democrat in 2020, failed to garner any significant momentum in the polls and promptly dropped out of the race. She did, however, manage to make a national name for herself. Voters now remember her unusual performances in the Democratic primary debates. Notably, in one Miami debate, Williamson declared that policies alone cannot defeat Trump in November. Instead, Williamson has called for a sort of spiritual reawakening in America.

According to new polling obtained by FiveThirtyEight, Democrats don’t appear to be enthusiastic about a Biden reelection campaign. An ABC/Washington Post poll released in February found that only 31% of Democrats want Biden to run again. Nearly 60%, on the other hand, think it’s time to move on.

As of now, though, it doesn’t appear that Williamson will be a viable alternative for most left-leaning voters. In the coming months, it will be incumbent on her to elevate her name ID and show voters that she is, in fact, a credible candidate that could win in a general election. 

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