Top Republican CHANGES STANCE On 2 Issues!

( – During his State of the Union address earlier this month, President Joe Biden fired shots at Congressional Republicans for their alleged hostility towards Social Security and Medicare entitlements. Biden accused, not all, but a segment of Republicans of wanting to “sunset” the programs.

Biden’s charge was met with a cacophony of moans and groans from the right side of the aisle. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) can be seen (and heard) yelling “liar!”. 

Though Biden’s claim is mostly false, There have been some Republicans that have explicitly voiced their desire to sunset the entitlement programs. Senator Rick Scott, most notably, layed out a 12-point plan called ‘Rescue America’ wherein he describes his openness to sunsetting Social Security and Medicare. The plan, if enacted, would require Congress to actively renew (or nor) the programs every five years. 

On February 9th, two days after the raucous State of the Union Address, Biden held a rally in Florida wherein he presented the crowd with Scott’s plan. The Vice President declared that, for some Republicans, it was “their dream” to cut the two programs. 

Ever since, Senator Scott has been faced with enormous scrutiny for his 12-point proposal. On Friday, though, Scott announced that he had revised point-6 of his plan that required Congressional action every five years to renew Social Security and Medicare. 

In an op-ed Scott wrote for the Washington Examiner on Friday, he clarified that “never supported cutting Social Security or Medicare, ever.” He has called these charges “shallow gotcha politics.”

With Scott’s plan now revised, it is unclear whether or not President Biden will continue this line of fire against Republicans. Though Scott and a small number of other Republicans did appear open to sunsetting the programs, it is very clear that the party as a whole is in favor of keeping the programs up and running. 

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