275 Convicted Immigrants Arrested by ICE

(DailyVantage.com) – Officials from the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, or ICE, conducted a nationwide crackdown on migrants who have been convicted of offenses outside the country.

A total of 275 individuals were arrested, which included several offenders from El Salvador, Mexico, Cuba, and Nigeria who have been convicted of sex crimes against children and minors. The criminals ranged from a 26-year-old citizen of El Salvador who was convicted of sexual assault with a firearm to a 71-year-old offender from Mexico who was found guilty of repeated abuse against a child. These offenders were arrested all around the country – in California, Tennessee, Florida, Rhode Island, Maryland, Texas, Colorado, and New York. A number of these migrants were also previously caught but later released by lower courts.

In a press release, ICE said that the operation was conducted in early to mid-February as part of an initiative under its ERO Division, or Enforcement and Removal Operations Division, which uses the limited budget it receives from Congress to hunt down the most dangerous illegal migrants who have been allowed to enter the country.

The criminals are expected to be removed – deported – from the U.S.

The arrest of the criminals is just one of the many problems that have stemmed from President Joe Biden’s handling of migrants who are attempting to enter the U.S. – most through the country’s southern border with Mexico. The Biden administration has allowed more than 7 million migrants to enter the country. The sudden influx of migrants has put a strain on many border towns, cities, and states, as some governors, such as Texas Governor Greg Abbott, transporting migrants by the busload to cities like Denver, Colorado; New York City; and Chicago, Illinois – all of which claim to be “sanctuary cities” for migrants.

Now, the cities are petitioning the federal government for more financial aid, saying that local government resources have been stretched to the brink by migrant support programs.

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