Biden Admin UPDATE – STUNNING New Project

( – President Joe Biden’s administration has selected John L. Hennessy, a chairman involved with Google’s parent company, to lead a new technology project. Hennessy is on the board of directors for Alphabet, and will head up a new initiative related to computer chip research.

Hennessy is also a Stanford University professor and will be joined by other top technology officials like CEO of RAND Corporation Jason Matheny. Also joining the project is the CEO of Brenda Wilkerson. The principals have formed a nonprofit organization known as the National Semiconductor Technology Center, which will be responsible for managing and increasing semiconductor manufacturing within the United States. While the initiative is likely an effort to increase the electronic manufacturing within the United States, presumably to prevent reliance on foreign manufacturers like China, it’s the latest in a string of policies meant to provide the United States with technological superiority.

One such policy was a bill that recently passed through the Senate, which aims to heavily boost the United States’ computer chip production. The bill is meant to incentivize manufacturers to produce computer chips in the country through various federal grants and tax breaks. The effort is estimated to end up costing $280 billion, and will likely pass through the House of Representatives with bipartisan support.

The goal of increasing US computer chip manufacturing has been a priority for decades, this latest step is one of the largest US investments in technology in decades. While China still enjoys technological dominance in terms of advancements, top US officials are trying to catch up.

The technology-based policy serves as the latest instance of the U.S.-China technology feud, which comes just days after China’s government told its citizens to stop buying U.S.-made products from Micron Technology Incorporated. Micron Technology Inc. is the largest memory chipmaker in the United States, and also has a sizable presence within China.

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