China PANICKING – New Bill Would CRUSH Them!

( – The U.S. Senate Committee on Foreign Relations passed a bill entitled the “Hong Kong Economic and Trade Office Certification Act” (HKETO). If it receives congressional approval from both chambers and the signature of President Biden, then the diplomatic privileges enjoyed by the Hong Kong Economic and Trade Office would be revoked.

The Hong Kong offices here in the US, which are controlled by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), would need to be closed within six months from its passage if the President opts for decertification. There are fourteen HKETOs in the world, and three are in the US. Those three would likely be closed down if this legislation were to successfully pass, preventing further CCP propaganda from being as pervasive in the US as it has been.

A bipartisan piece of legislation, sponsored by Republican Senator Marco Rubio of Florida and Democrat Senator Jeff Merkley of Oregon, the bill passed the committee unanimously. A version of the bill was also introduced in the House by Representative Smith of New Jersey and cosponsored by Representative McGovern.

Senator Rubio explained, “Hong Kong is unfortunately neither autonomous nor democratic…” and Senator Merkley supported him, saying, “The sad reality is that the Hong Kong Economic and Trade Offices now serve as propaganda arms.”

Republicans and Democrats are united on the issue of the need for strong relations with China due to its growing opposition to the United States. This means that when advancing to the Senate, it could receive enough support to pass, and the same goes for the House of Representatives. The current wording would require the president to explain to Congress within 30 days why each HKETO should either retain or lose diplomatic privileges.

However, even if the President approves recertification, Congress can issue a joint resolution according to the Hong Kong Policy Act of 1992. Regardless of the outcome, tensions between the US and China continue to escalate in foreign policy, with the potential for conflict mounting.

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