Dems Fighting DIRTY – He WON’T Let This One Go!

( – Florida Governor Ron DeSantis criticized Special Counsel Jack Smith for his investigation into Donald Trump and the former President’s alleged attempts to overturn the 2020 presidential election. DeSantis accused Smith of targeting Trump for political reasons and stated that he believes the United States is beginning to criminalize political differences rather than criminality.

Smith has defended his investigation into Trump by claiming that he was in office during the now-infamous January 6th riots and didn’t use his position to end the ongoing conflict. Smith’s investigation into Trump’s conduct on January 6th is the third investigative probe involving Trump and could result in another criminal case if there’s evidence of Trump acting illegally. Trump is already facing a federal criminal case with a potential maximum sentence of four hundred years behind bars. Despite his legal difficulties, Trump remains confident that he’ll win the 2024 election and oust President Joe Biden from office.

Trump stated that he believes he will be indicted by Jack Smith for the January 6th probe, adding yet another legal case that will unfold during the primary season. Trump is already facing federal charges for his alleged mishandling of classified documents and a criminal case for his hush-money payments to adult film star Stormy Daniels. Another criminal case could severely damage Trump’s presidential campaign, which has lost traction over the past few days. Trump remains the most popular GOP candidate running for the 2024 election but has dipped in polls while other candidates like Ron DeSantis have gained support.

While Trump hasn’t been indicted for the January 6th inquiry yet, the last time he received a target letter from Smith was just days before Trump faced an indictment for thirty-seven criminal charges. Trump hasn’t stated whether or not he’ll plead guilty regarding any potential future charges against him, but he has pleaded not guilty in the other cases against him. Trump’s counsel has remained silent about the looming third indictment, but it seems as though another criminal case against the former president is imminent.

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