Intruder GETS It – Father Shows NO MERCY

( – A father is being hailed as a hero after saving his kids from a home intruder on Father’s Day, this year.

The father, whose identity has not been released by police, protected his kids by fatally shooting  an intruder at his home in North Carolina on the night of June 19. The man was at home with his children when a man attempted to break in.

The incident occurred in Wilson’s Mills, an area approximately 25 miles southeast of Raleigh, North Carolina, at around 9:03 p.m. on the night of June 19. Police confirmed that the unidentified male intruder had been shot directly after approachin the homeowner’s young children.

When police responded, the homeowner was at the scene and reportedly cooperated with authorities. An investigation into the break-in was still ongoing at the time of this report.

The North Carolina man wasn’t the only father to make headlines for rescuing his kids in June. Earlier this month, a father of 13 children was on a whitewater rafting trip with his kids in Canon City, Colorado, when something went wrong.

Dustin Harker, a neurologist, was rafting in the Arkansas River area of Canon City, Colorado when three of his small children were swept under the raft. Harker dove into the water and worked to fish each of the small children out from under the water. However, Harker was underwater for too long during his rescue efforts. Although first responders reportedly attempted CPR for “30-45 minutes” they were not able to revive Harker, and he died.

Earlier this year, a father in Maryland saved his son from bullies who had come to the family’s home to force the boy to fight after an altercation at school. Christopher Wright, 43, was forced to fight a group of teenagers and adults who had come to snatch his 14-year-old son from the family’s Anne Arundel home. Wright’s head was smashed into the sidewalk and he died at an area hospital, after suffering a traumatic brain injury.

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