Judge Rules Biden’s $1.7 Trillion Funding Bill Unconstitutional

(DailyVantage.com) – Ken Paxton, the attorney general for Texas, successfully argued that a funding bill from President Joe Biden was unconstitutional after a United States judge agreed with the attorney general and ruled that the voting method used to approve the bill failed constitutional standards. Paxton argued against the spending bill, which featured a whopping $1.7 trillion price tag, as more than half of the United States House of Representatives members didn’t physically attend the voting session to approve the bill. Paxton claims that the proxy voting method used by Congress failed to meet established voting standards in the United States Constitution. Judge James Hendrix seemingly agreed with the attorney general, ruling the federal bill unconstitutional.

According to Paxton and established United States law, for a bill to pass into effect, more than half of Congress must physically vote to approve the proposed legislation. Members of Congress can’t use proxy voting to satisfy this requirement, which is the primary concern for Paxton’s legal challenge. Paxton’s office argued against the implementation of the spending bill, specifically the provisions directly involving Texas, due to the hefty price tag and lack of clear support from US lawmakers.

Paxton’s office released a statement regarding the legal victory, which criticized President Joe Biden for attempting to pass legislation by circumventing the United States Constitution. Paxton claimed the spending bill served as one of the most significant lawmaker-led expenditures in American history, so Biden’s attempt at quickly pushing the bill through Congress is inappropriate and an abuse of proxy voting systems instituted during the international pandemic.

In a statement discussing the $1.7 trillion spending bill, Paxton accused controversial lawmaker Representative Nancy Pelosi (D-California) of knowingly misusing proxy voting methods to circumvent rules established in the United States Constitution. Paxton expressed his belief that Pelosi and Biden knew that their actions constituted a violation of established voting practices. Still, the two lawmakers intentionally pushed the bill through Congress regardless of the potential illegality of passing the spending bill.

According to Judge James Hendrix, Pelosi and Biden violated a requirement for the majority of active Representatives to attend meetings with fellow lawmakers to vote on critical legislative issues. The provision violated by the Biden administration features a clause that permits a limited number of lawmakers to adjourn but requires the House of Representatives to compel its members’ attendance. Some legal experts believe other states could follow Texas’ example and challenge the constitutionality of other laws pushed by Democratic lawmakers like Pelosi.

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