Presidential Rankings: Biden Ranks Higher Than Trump, with Obama Among Top 10

( – While election polls promise that a rematch between President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump will be another closely fought race for the White House, a recently released survey that ranks American presidents has Biden at 14th place. At the same time, Trump fell to the very tail end of the list.

The Presidential Greatness Project Expert Survey, which was released by a group made up of 154 historians and presidential experts, shows Trump getting 45th place, dead last among all American presidents. Biden’s 14th place puts him on top of former presidents Woodrow Wilson (15th) and Ronald Reagan (16th).

This year’s top three were Abraham Lincoln, Franklin D. Roosevelt, and George Washington. Theodore Roosevelt and Thomas Jefferson followed them to round out the top five. Former president Barack Obama was 7th on the list, coming after Harry Truman and followed by Dwight Eisenhower. Lyndon B. Johnson came in at 9th and John F. Kennedy was ranked at number 10.

Joining Trump at the end of the list were Andrew Johnson at 43rd place and James Buchanan in 44th place. Johnson was the first-ever U.S. president to be impeached, while Buchanan has been historically condemned for his sympathy towards pro-slavery states that some historians say eventually led to the U.S. Civil War.

On more recent U.S. heads of state, Bill Clinton was ranked 12th, with George H.W. Bush at 19th place and George W. Bush at 32nd place.

According to Brandon Rottinghaus and Justin S. Vaughn, the political scientists who first published the survey in 2015, “partisanship and ideology don’t tend to make a major difference overall” in the results of the survey. They noted that respondents of the survey who identified as conservative ranked Biden lower (30th place), while liberals only raised his ranking one step up to 13th place. Moderates put Biden’s rank at 20th. Trump, on the other hand, was consistently in the bottom five for all three groups.

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