Ron DeSantis Calling An Urgent Meeting With His Donors To Discuss Problems

( – Florida Governor and Republican presidential candidate Ron DeSantis will be traveling to New York soon to meet with his donors in a “crisis” meeting. The “crisis” in question is DeSantis’ polling performance, which has stagnated recently, with Donald Trump gaining an even bigger lead over DeSantis in numerous states. DeSantis is polling behind Trump in his home state, raising questions about whether his campaign could gain traction.

DeSantis has remained the second-most popular GOP candidate since announcing his campaign in May, but he’s consistently polled over twenty points behind Trump, the Republican favorite. Trump’s popularity declined following the federal indictment brought against him, but he’s since rebounded and now polls even better than President Joe Biden in swing states. DeSantis has responded to his stalling performance, claiming that it’s due to the mainstream media giving him unfair coverage as he’s the only candidate to defeat Biden in next year’s election.

DeSantis has an uphill battle if he wants to secure the Republican nomination, as Donald Trump is still the most popular GOP candidate among Republican voters. Trump even polled better than DeSantis in Florida, the state DeSantis should have the most support in. Trump outperformed DeSantis by twenty points in a Florida Atlantic University poll.

Members of DeSantis’ campaign have even admitted they have a lot of work to do if they want to minimize Trump’s lead over the other Republican hopefuls. DeSantis hasn’t commented on his stagnating popularity among voters and remains confident that he’s the best option Republicans have when campaigning against the incumbent Joe Biden.

DeSantis’ campaign hasn’t been helped by his ongoing battle with the Walt Disney Corporation, which he’s targeted in state policies meant to combat “wokeness.” DeSantis’ decision led to a civil suit against him and has even prompted a response from Disney CEO Bob Iger. DeSantis’ campaign has been focused on his stance as a strong conservative, with his ongoing Disney beef seemingly showing proof of that.

While DeSantis still has a chance to secure the GOP nomination, he’s unlikely to surpass Donald Trump in terms of popularity without a dramatic change to his campaign strategy.

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