Trudeau’s TROUBLES – Canadians Challenge Woke Agenda!

( – A recent poll out of Canada shows opposition to the transgender movement is on the rise even as Prime Minister Justin Trudeau continues to push it.

The Leger poll conducted on behalf of the Canadian think-tank SecondStreet asked over 1,500 Canadians if they think schools should inform parents if their child wants to change gender or use different pronouns.

The majority of respondents, 57 percent, said schools should be required to notify the parents. Only 18 percent said schools should not notify parents. Another 25 percent said they did not know.

When asked if the Canadian public school system was heading in the right or wrong direction, the majority 51 percent, said schools are heading in the wrong direction while only 25 percent said the school system was heading in the right direction.

The poll also asked respondents if schools should be required to make lessons on gender identity and “sensitive race-related topics” available in advance on their websites for parents to review, a plurality, 47 percent, said yes while only 31 percent said no.

After hundreds of Canadian Muslims pushed back against teaching transgender ideology in schools, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau spoke at a Calgary mosque earlier this month where he blamed the Muslim opposition to transgender ideology on the “American right wing.”

One attendee begged the prime minister to protect Muslims’ culture and beliefs and understand “the sin that you are doing to them.”

The liberal prime minister responded by claiming that Muslim opposition to trans ideology stems from “misinformation and disinformation” on social media, particularly from “the American right-wing” that is “spreading a lot of untruths” to drive a wedge between the Muslim community and Canada.

Trudeau assured the audience that Canada supports and defends Muslims more than any other Western country and this division “is hurting the fabric of respect and openness” in Canada.

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