Trump Expected to Receive Massive April Funding from Billionaires

( – Former President Donald Trump has apparently not lost his touch in raising campaign funds after he collected a record-breaking $50 million in donations at his most recent fundraiser in Florida.

The fundraiser was held at the Florida estate of John Paulson, a hedge-fund billionaire, who was also joined at the event by Robert Mercer, another hedge-fund tycoon and his daughter Rebekah, oil magnate Harold Hamm, casino giant Steve Wynn, and hotel businessman Robert Bigelow.

The amount the Trump campaign raised breaks the record for the single-biggest amount of funds raised at a campaign event and is almost double the $26 million hauled in by President Joe Biden’s campaign at its own recent fundraising event that even featured appearances by former presidents Bill Clinton and Barack Obama at New York City’s Radio City Music Hall. The amount Trump managed to raise exceeded even earlier projections of his own campaign, which previously announced that the former chief executive expected to rake in around $40 million worth of contributions.

The Trump campaign has touted the success of the event, saying that it is a sign that big businesses want to be a part of “making America great again,” the former president told reporters covering the event. The show of force of deep-pocketed Republican donors also ostensibly demonstrates a unity of sorts, as several big donors had previously supported other Republican candidates in the primary. Bigelow and Hamm had earlier backed Florida Governor Ron DeSantis for president. Hamm also later supported former U.S. ambassador to the United Nations and former South Carolina governor Nikki Haley before eventually switching over to Trump’s side.

The success of the event also seemingly reflected the sentiments of Paulson, who said in a recent interview with Bloomberg that “it’s time for Republicans to unite behind him [Trump].” Paulson added that he agreed to host the fundraiser in order to “galvanize the broad support” for the former commander-in-chief.

Trump’s campaign also has two more events planned for April, one in Georgia, a swing state, and another in Orlando, Florida.

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