Unmasking the DOJ – Trump’s Son EXPOSES Alleged Bias!

(DailyVantage.com) – Eric Trump, executive vice president of The Trump Organization, went on Newsmax’s Rob Schmitt Tonight to detail the loss of respect for the Department of Justice (DOJ). He explained, “I am fearful for this country…because our country can’t last this way,” before slamming Democratic Representative Adam Schiff of California for his promotion of the debunked Trump-Russia collusion narrative: “They made up a dossier. It was paid for by Hillary Clinton. Everybody knows the true story.”

Despite facing DOJ charges, Donald Trump remains the frontrunner in the Republican 2024 presidential primary. Polling at about 51.0%, Trump maintains about a 30-point lead on runner-up Governor Ron DeSantis of Florida at about 18.9%. Despite Trump being the frontrunner, many Republicans who might prefer other candidates have refrained from attacking him and hope he doesn’t get charged.

Further developments from the DOJ case during the 2024 election primaries could have a significant impact on the Republican nomination process. But as of today, Trump and Republicans now have a unifying narrative against the DOJ, which has support among House lawmakers.

Republicans are slamming the DOJ for allegedly aiming politically motivated legal attacks against former President Donald Trump and showing unusual leniency in its recent investigation of Hunter Biden. The DOJ’s investigation of President Biden’s son ended in what Republicans have called a “sweetheart deal” because of the light punishment in a plea deal Hunter Biden reached with prosecutors.

Due to distrust in the DOJ’s impartiality, House Republicans in the Oversight Committee are continuing to pursue the potential corruption of the Biden family. This effort has stemmed from new information that shows President Biden did know about his son’s business dealings with the Ukrainian energy company Burisma, despite Biden’s frequent claims that he has never discussed his son’s business dealings with him. The suspicion that Biden influenced Ukraine to stop prosecution and criminal charges against Burisma and its president has also motivated Republicans to question the President’s claims in more detail.

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