US Military OVERHAUL – It’s Time For CHANGE!

( – Florida Governor and 2024 Republican presidential candidate Ron DeSantis unveiled his plan to revamp chronic problems in the military, emphasizing a “Mission First” approach that centers upon a duty-focused mentality and combat-ready force. The proposal focuses on four key aspects of military reform: 1) removing the political agenda; 2) restoring military standards; 3) curbing bureaucracy and promoting accountability; and 4) solving the recruitment crisis.

DeSantis has made it a top priority to remove the political agenda from the U.S. military. His approach has several key actions. First, he plans to eliminate the diversity bureaucrats, including the diversity and inclusion administrators, dismantle the diversity, equity, and Inclusion task forces, and ensure merit-based promotions are standard again.

Next, DeSantis plans to end drag shows on military bases, disengage from business with left-wing firms, and put an end to taxpayer funds for sex changes. Finally, he intends to forbid Critical Race Theory courses, restrict the display of non-government or non-military flags flown on government buildings, and expand school choice and parental rights to Department of Defense schools.

Restoring military standards is a major part of DeSantis’ plan. He wants to see gender-neutral physical qualifications,to ban race and gender quotas, and to oppose any selective service draft of women. DeSantis also intends to reinstate unvaccinated servicemen and rectify the poor COVID-19 policy. The candidate also said he would end social justice and activist course requirements and enforce the uniform code.

While in South Carolina, one of the first few states for the Republican primaries, DeSantis clarified his plan relating to amending COVID-19 policy in the military: “One of the biggest mistakes they made was the COVID-19 vax mandate… We are going to offer service members who were separated their jobs back, including with back pay.”

As the 2024 presidential race continues, DeSantis’ platform will continue to expand on issues that he hopes appeal to Republican voters. While he is currently behind former President Donald Trump in the polls, his policies could help distinguish him in the field and regain momentum.

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